Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Travel To Revision 2011 Starts

Wonderfull copenhagen...
..or no, crappy expensive Kastrup. Gettoing down the fancy airport shit, with a dirrty hotdog and PILKTS in plastic cup!

Good Thing there is FISK in the taxfreeshop

Missed my train :(
Finding comfort in becks and sausage from hell

Finally on the Train to Saarbrucken.
Need a Jagerbomb to keep awake.

We Got some new stickers this year ;)

Finally at ZE-Hotel!

tFt having a blast out in Saarbrucken.

Revision, HERE WE COME!

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  1. jezzzuuus fucking H christ Blogspot editing sucks big elephant balls......fuck it. I'cant get it right how much I try. WHAT THE FUCK where they thinking when making the WYSIWYG thing?
    Formating from hell!