Saturday, April 23, 2011

Party Pix Revision 2011

Your Tralala got blue

Happy Faces with buttplugs

T101 got candy!

Whooh Whooh, vil du Nøffe litt med maj? Flæskesvor Flæskesvær, Love of flæsk has many words <3 p="">


Hello, I is NØFFE IGOR

Just Got Married!

Teinn på denni straken er du grei!

Make a wish! Santa is here!

T101 the bald terminator

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Travel To Revision 2011 Starts

Wonderfull copenhagen...
..or no, crappy expensive Kastrup. Gettoing down the fancy airport shit, with a dirrty hotdog and PILKTS in plastic cup!

Good Thing there is FISK in the taxfreeshop

Missed my train :(
Finding comfort in becks and sausage from hell

Finally on the Train to Saarbrucken.
Need a Jagerbomb to keep awake.

We Got some new stickers this year ;)

Finally at ZE-Hotel!

tFt having a blast out in Saarbrucken.

Revision, HERE WE COME!